Dear Mr Kelly,<br><br>I am so disappointed with Southwest Airlines and how they treat their – Gary Kelly email address

Kathleen Angeli sent a message to Gary C. Kelly Chairman, President, and CEO, Southwest Airlines Co. – email address that said:

Dear Mr Kelly,

I am so disappointed with Southwest Airlines and how they treat their customers. I am a single Mom who saves all year to bring my daughter back to visit my 87 year old Mother in NJ. Last year when I flew out it was on the day the systems crashed. I had to use my spending money to buy a one way flight on Frontier. It took me days to get in touch with Southwest. They reimbursed my one way flight which didn\'t cover my Frontier flight and gave me a $200 voucher. This year I am flying home once again. I found out there is a 50th birthday party for my younger brother 3 days after my departure date. I called to see if I could extend my trip for a few days. I was informed by multiple people that the voucher expiration is 2 days prior to when I would like to depart and there is no way this can be changed unless I wanted to purchase two new tickets for $600. Again, they stated that no one could help me.

The rep I spoke to today on the phone did inform me that she could reimburse me for the Frontier flight I purchased last year. That was news to me since I had emailed and spoken with multiple people and not one person offered to do that.

For a company that focuses on taking care of the customer, it is so disappointing to see how they treat people.

Thanks you so much for listening.

Warm Regards,

Kathleen Angeli

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