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Julie Goodfield sent a message to Leslie Moonves that said:

The following is the plot for a new movie. If you have it put it into production, perhaps you can redeem yourself and the judge, therefore, may not slam the gavel too hard on you.
remake Pretty Woman - This would be with Julia Roberts, again, Richard Greer, but Julia has an entirely different occupation. She used to be a school teacher. As she got older, she began working as a librarian. She goes to church every Sunday. Has mousy brown hair, but loves to sing in the choir. Some of the men at church like her, but she had a true love in high school. He left her. They never married, so she doesn't care to marry anyone else, or get romatically involved.
Until she meets Mr.Greer. He finds himself in a small town, and wonders if the library there might have some information in regards to his investments. He gets the information he is looking for, but he is finds himself uninterested in it, when he sees her lean over the file cabinet, and looks at her back, neck, arms. Then, she writes down the information he wanted. And he really likes her handwriting. She's still uninterested though, and happy at her church.
She said she might interested in his offer to take her out to dinner, but tells him she usually goes out to dinner with the men and ladies at her church. He is speechless and just looks at her. He doesn't go to church. She says maybe another day. Nice to meet you, and gives him her beautiful smile.
So he finds where she lives, and watches her go to church on a sunny Sunday.
He already is very wealthy. He really doesn't need to make anymore investments. Sits at home, reading the paper outside on his patio deck. That same friend (in Pretty Woman I) drives by all excited about an new investment that is very lucrative. But Mr. Greer finds he could care less. He has been looking at the birds, and dreaming about that Pretty Woman he met.
He is still working in the office, but finds he's really uninterested with it. Makes a few more investment decisions. Takes the day off early. A week later, he is driving by the library again, and sees Pretty Woman. She waves, gets into her car. He can't help but follow her. She doesn't realize he followed her.
He watches her go into her cute little house, with flowers all around, roses, and a little picket fence. Her little dog barks and jumps as she enters the gate, and he jumps into her arms and she kisses him and goes in.
Mr. Greer sits outside her house, and notices the flowers, the trees, a bee flies into his car, and he drives off. He drives back later and sees a little through the curtains only light. And wonders, she must be reading before she goes to bed. Then her light goes out, and he sits still in his car, looking at the stars, really looking at them for the first time. And begins to pray. He has never met the right woman, and has become bored with women. Except for this one.

That is Part I of Pretty Woman II.

Pretty Woman II, Part 2 is still in the works.

Julie Goodfield

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