@ceonrthwmutual – John Schlifske – November 1, 2018 John E. Schlifske Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Dear Mr. Schlifske

Shirley G Crow sent a message to John Schlifske that said:

November 1, 2018

John E. Schlifske Chairman,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dear Mr. Schlifske,
This is Shirley Crow and I am a client of your company. I have some information that I need to share with you please.
Approximately four months ago, I went to the local NW office to my financial advisor, Robert Johnson in Macon, Georgia, to access my own money and because he felt that I was being scammed, he froze my account and did not give me anything. Not only that, he contacted another company, Morgan Stanley, that I do business with and that had nothing to do with this or any other transaction and violated my privacy. An investigation was started with the law and their business to prove/not prove scam. Not only that, my family was contacted personally from Mr. Johnson. He had told me that he could contact them and that funds could be changed to them. My daughters stated that he had a three way conversation with them instructing them how to go about the process including hiring a lawyer and beginning a conservatory. That led to a court procedure to prove my competence and they wanted to take control of my money. A police report, court house report, psyche evaluation, a senior citizen assessment , and an investigation with the law was started. Note the cops and my lawyer stated that no laws had been broken. Even one of my daughters came into my home when I was away and took important documents to prove what the plans for my Trust and inheritance are. Not only were these events extremely embarrassing, humiliating, disgraceful and painful to me, all of my town cops are aware of this and I feel so violated. Not only that, my neighbors want to know what the cops are doing at my house.
I contacted NW ad spoke with several people since this initiated ad was told there was no such thing as freezing any account and that I had the right to transfer my funds to another company or another employee. I also contacted Mr. Johnson’s boss, Tailor Banduyke, and shared all of this information about the violation and she was to get back with me. This interaction has been sporadic. As of today 10/30/2018, I was told that there was no guidance given her from upper management and she wanted to know once again my request. ** Transfer funds to another company unfrozen, Valic, change my life insurance to another employee in Macon, Ga., and to cash in my daughters, Erin Drachman and Lauren Joiner’s life insurance policies. All papers have been submitted. Ms. Banduyke did state that I could contact Valic for that transfer so I did. As of today also, the police investigation continues not to be going anywhere, (4 months later) and my funds remain frozen. Note Mr. Johnson called my daughter, Lauren about my request for cashing in their life insurance policies and I was denied that also.
I am a college graduate and a nurse of 34 years, and of course, I passed the psyche exam with flying colors. I refuse to give up any of my rights as I and my late husband earned all of these funds and I have the right to spend it as I want to. One of my daughters has not communicated with me within weeks, no invitation to family events, these privacy violations has destroyed my family.
Personally because of the privacy violations, funds remaining frozen, and all of the pain and humility, plus family destruction, I feel my wishes should be processed and that I should be compensated monetarily. I can count at least 5 violations as I write this. Please contact me back with a resolution immediately as I need this behind me and my family.
Shirley Crow
418 River N. Blvd
Macon, Ga. 31211

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