Dear Kazuo Hirai, Howdy I\'m Wolfy not my legel name but it\'s what I – Kazuo Hirai email address

Robert (Wolfy) Bugg sent a message to Kazuo Hirai President and CEO, Sony Corporation - email address that said:

Dear Kazuo Hirai,
Howdy Im Wolfy not my legel name but its what I prefer to be called.
I have a gofundme setup because im trying to get starting funding for my own Brand of products.
Im on to an epic idea, my first major product is going to sell like wildfire, its OK I dont expect u to donate to my gofundme but if u could share my link
Across all ur social media it would be a great help.
My first major product is going to require some electronics as soon as I get funding
Because I am a huge Sony fan I would like nothing more than to strike a deal with Sony to make my electronic components. I cant tell u much about my brand because I need funding to get patents as im just looking out for myself as there is people out there would steal my idea to make them millions and not me,
I am recently divorced it has put me 5000 miles from my daughter who I raised from a new born 😔 I did for a while drop into deep depression but now I am clawing my way out and the one thing I am positive and confident about is my Brand and my products. Most of my products are in my head.....its the safest place for them, I want to build a Brand like no other and leave a legacy behind for my daughter. any help will be greatly appreciated
Yours sincerely

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