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I AM LOOKING FOR MY FREEZES GM PENSION I DO WENT LEVE IT IIN GM FOR EVERY. GM BENEFITS CENTER TOLL ME TO SEND OFF FOR MY SSA-7050-F4 FROM SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION (SSA). THE BENEFIT INQUIRY CODE IS: (W339136-05DEC19). Form SSA-7050-F4 (03-2019)Discontinue Prior Editions Page 1 of 4Social Security Administration OMB No. 0960-0525REQUEST FOR SOCIAL SECURITY EARNING INFORMATION *Use This Form If You NeedDO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REQUEST 1. Certified/Non-Certified Detailed Earnings Information YEARLY EARNINGS TOTALSIncludes periods of employment or self-employment and the names and addresses of employers.Yearly earnings totals are free to the public if you do not require certification.2. Certified Yearly Totals of Earnings Includes total earnings for each year but does not To obtain FREE yearly totals of earnings,include the names and addresses of employers. visit our website at www.ssa.gov/myaccount.Privacy Act Statement Collection and Use of Personal InformationSection 205 of the Social Security Act, as amended, authorizes us to collect the information on this form. We will use the information you provide to identify your records and send the earnings information you request. Completion of this form is voluntary; however, failure to do so may prevent your request from being processed. We rarely use the information in your earnings record for any purpose other than for determining your entitlement to Social Security benefits. However, we may use it for the administration and integrity of Social Security programs. We may also disclose information to another person or to another agency in accordance with approved routine uses, which include but are not limited to the following: 1. To enable a third party or an agency to assist Social Security in establishing rights to Social Security benefits and/or coverage;2. To comply with Federal laws requiring the release of information from Social Security records (e.g., to the Government Accountability Office and Department of Veterans' Affairs); 3. To make determinations for eligibility in similar health and income maintenance programs at the Federal, State, and local level; and,4. To facilitate statistical research, audit, or investigative activities necessary to assure the integrity and improvement of Social Security programs.A complete list of routine uses for earnings information is available in our Systems of Records Notices entitled, the Earnings Recording and Self-Employment Income System (60-0059), the Master Beneficiary Record (60-0090), and the SSA-Initiated Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement (60-0224). In addition, you may choose to pay for the earnings information you requested with a credit card. 31 C.F.R. Part 206 specifically authorizes us to collect credit card information. The

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