@PODS – John Koch – 22511 Lavender Knoll Ln I am writing with concern regarding my recent POD's cancellation request

Gaojua Juliet Penton sent a message to John Koch that said:

22511 Lavender Knoll Ln

I am writing with concern regarding my recent POD's cancellation request. I twas completed today. I still have not received a written email confirming my cancellation request. I have however, received an email (after I cancelled my order) requesting me to go forward with my original order. I have called your customer service line multiple times today to confirm my actual cancellation, which they verbally told me over the phone that my order has been cancelled; however, I have not received a proper written confirmation stating that my order is cancelled and that no charges will be placed. One of your workers (Rhonda Brown) was nice enough to provide me with a cancellation #, which is 1347769. I appreciate the cancellation number, but would like an official written cancellation notice from your company. If there is a computer glitch or failure in your company's system you may need to consider fixing this. I will no longer refer you to military or civilian members. Additionally I am still on hold waiting to speak to a manager (I assume that they want me to hang up and forget about the issues because I am still on hold). One person (Aaron Moore) told me there wasn't a supervisor/manager available to speak with and I was not able to chat with anyone else; hence the need for this message. The new representative that I am speaking with (Demetrius) currently has me on hold for a supervisor/manager and I have been on the line/hold with him for over 35 minutes now (this proves that your company does not value the customers time which is unfortunate). It also seems like may have staffing issues as well. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of these concerns. One positive I can say is that all the representatives were nice and courteous over the phone, they just couldn't answer my question of why I have not receive an official written cancellation order, but yet received an email (written request) to go forward with the order I already canceled. I am confused and feel that you need to provide better training in regards to knowing how to properly answer customer questions and you may consider hiring a manger/supervisor for your company if you don't want to personally receive messages like this. Thank you for your time.

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