Robert L. Wagman – President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of LKQ Corporation – Email Address

Robert L. Wagman (born 1962) is a business executive in the auto parts industry.

Wagman became President of LKQ Corp. at the beginning of 2011 and its Chief Executive Officer a year later.[1] In 2011 he was also appointed: Director of LKQ Corp and LKQ Euro Ltd.,[2] as well as being elected to the Board of Directors.

Since he started leading LKQ, Wagman has supervised its purchase of 50 businesses, gearing it toward $261 million in profits on sales of $4.1 billion in 2012 (an increase of 24 percent and 26 percent respectively from the year earlier). The following year, the firm’s share price nearly doubled to $21, increasing its market value to $6.2 billion. This put shares at a higher price for trades (price-to-earnings ratio) than Apple, Coca-Cola or General Electric.[3] In addition, as he himself pointed out: “We [LKQ] also reached a major milestone in 2014 by surpassing $6 billion in annual revenue for the first time.” He added: “I am particularly pleased with our parts and services growth of 8.7% for the fourth quarter and 9% for the full year.”[4]

On August 22, 2012, Wagman sold 30,000 LKQ shares at an average price of $38.81 a share.[5] On January 14, 2013, he sold 14,950 LKQ shares at an average price of $22.45 a share.[6] Wagman’s total compensation in 2010 was 1,528,959; in 2011 it was 3,624,047; in 2012, 4,476,178; in 2013 it was 4,040,981 and in 2014, 3,486,301.[7]

Before taking on the reigns of sole CEO of LKQ, Wagman was co-CEO between 2011 and 2012.[8] Prior to that he held the role of Senior Vice President of Operations - Wholesale Parts Division at the firm.[9] Then he was promoted to VP of Operations - Wholesale Parts Division. Other key roles he held at LKQ and its subsidiaries included: VP of Insurance Services and Aftermarket Operations, Account Executive for Copart Auto Auctions, Outside Sales Manager of Triplett Auto Parts; handling of aftermarket operations and the firm’s interactions with insurance companies; supervision of aftermarket product operations.[10] He has been in the auto-parts salvage industry since 1987.[11]

LKQ Corporation is an American auto parts company. The company is focused on providing wholesale used and refurbished auto parts via its subsidiaries across the United States and the world.[2] As of 2014, it was a Fortune 500 corporation.[3] The company also operates facilities selling recycled automotive products.[4]

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