Dear Ms Alber,<br>Recently I approached by email, Rita Karambatos in Toronto. I phoned her – Laura J Alber email address

Michael K Power sent a message to Laura J. Alber Director, President, and CEO, Williams-Sonoma – email address that said:

Dear Ms Alber,
Recently I approached by email, Rita Karambatos in Toronto. I phoned her and asked her for her email. Then I abstracted
a proposal to suggest a Pottery Barn location in Ottawa, ON. She did not respond to my last email.
Then I composed an addendum which I hoped to email to Bud Cope. I do not have his email address. I understand enterprise management strategy tends to be internally generated — but I cannot think it hurts to consider exogenous proposals.
I believe my proposal is worth considering since it involves expansion of Pottery Barn outlets in a city which has 6 Home Depot\'s in the Ottawa Metropolitan Area.
I own a furniture store and warehouse in Ottawa

I elaborated my proposal first to Ms Karambatos ... she may have archived the
email. Or if Bud Cope can be persuaded to
consider my proposal he could email me.
I have been in the retail business for most of my life. Before The Emporium I designed
store interiors for Harry Rosen in Toronto.
And designed suits. This was in the early 70s ...
I cannot think that a chat with me would be wasted time.

Michael K Power

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