Chris O’Malley sent a message to Michael OLeary that said:

Chris O'Malley sent a message to Michael OLeary that said:

Hi there. I hope this email finds you well.

I would like to make a complaint against a member of staff at customer service and also about the false information I was given. I have a booking made for myself and 2 others via and wanted to add my son who is 15 to the booking. As he is classed as an UM it would not let me add him. This resulted in me contacting customer service and explaining the situation where I was informed by a staff member to go ahead and book as 16+ then contact customer service again and they would amend the booking and join them together free of charge. I did this and contacted customer service again where I was greeted by a very rude member of staff with a poor attitude who laughed and lied to me over the phone. I seriously hope the call was recorded as I will be taking this further to local media/news outlets. He told me he would change it for a fee of £30 which wasn't what I was expecting having been told otherwise by another colleague of his. When I questioned this he told me his colleague was wrong and I must pay or he can't change it. When I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager I was told there was none in the office as both were on a break which I find ridiculous, no superior in the office at any 1 time!! He then proceeded to tell me he spoke with a supervisor and confirmed I must pay the fee (strange considering a supervisor wasn't available) 2 mins previously. I then again requested to speak to a supervisor or manager to be informed it wasn't possible and he was ending the call to which I replied can I have your name please I want to make a complaint and was told my name is Ryanair on several occasions whilst laughing before he proceeded to hang up. I am absolutely furious that a company the size of Ryanair employ people with such an attitude. The flight fee was £32 which I booked having been told it would be changed free of charge so why would I pay £30 fee when the flight was only £32. I would appreciate your time reading this and a swift response as I am extremely disappointed in the way I was treated and would like this resolved immediately.

Chris O'malley

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