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Good morning,

First off I would like to say I am writing on behalf of my mother who is 73 yr old widow. My mother finally Got to build her dream house 5 years ago 2016. She purchased your KENMORE ELITE kitchen package from Sear in Baytown Texas IN 2016. Now all of that being said, as soon as she moved in she started to have problems with YOUR appliances. First it was her stove, it had to be worked on 4 separate times and finally replaced completely. Meanwhile dealing with my father and a cancer diagnosis. Next was her refrigerator had to be repaired 6 TIMES. Not to mention her dishwasher, 3 SEPERATE TIMES. This is not only disappointing but down right a CRIME. . You represent yourself as a TOP BRAND, ELITE, in actuality just a piece of CRAP! Don't even start on the warranties, she paid a large chunk (700.00) yearly to have them serviced. You should be ashamed of yourselves and when I get done with social media, twitter, local news and whomever will hear me out you will be embarrassed! You can look up her records and see i am not lying. Ronald and Elizabeth Buckner. 1021 Kilgore rd. Baytown tx. Now to say the least my father past away last year and my mother accidently let the warranty go so she re-signed for a new one that is terrible. Well guess what, yesterday I go to check on her and you SUPER ELITE DISHWASHER is messed up again. I promise to you I will not stop until I am heard from all over. You are selling CRAP and are an embarrassment to USA. Your Kitchen package is worse than a LEMON. You Should be so ASHAMED! I am trying to reach out to anyone who will hear me. I am just getting started.

Lisa Lumus

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