@SunTrustNG – William Rogers – Dear Mr. Rogers, Hope this email finds you well. First, Please allow me to introduce

Bank of Palestine PLC sent a message to William Rogers that said:

Dear Mr. Rogers,

Hope this email finds you well.

First, Please allow me to introduce our bank:

Established in 1960, Bank of Palestine (BOP) is the first and largest bank with a well-diversified branch network of 74 branches and offices in Palestine and 2 representative offices in Dubai and Chile with paid up capital of 250 million USD with total assets reached to 6.2 billion USD. BOP has successfully expanded its presence and operations throughout the country and now has 1,749 employees providing services to more than 1,000,000 customers including individuals, firms and organizations. BOP has around 32% market share of deposits and around 33% market share of credit facilities in Palestine.

Bank of Palestine have shown a sound financial performance and better than average growth and a high market share. The bank is committed to providing quality services, applying modern technologies and providing the best available security. All these services are provided while ensuring that they follow the latest global compliance standards especially KYC and AML policies. In the past few years, the bank’s development, achievements, and contributions have been recognized by several prestigious institutions including Euromoney, Global Finance and The Banker as the "Best Bank in Palestine”.

For more details, you can visit our website:

We Bank of Palestine are interested to have a relationship and to open USD correspondent bank account (Nostro Account) for transfers, money market and trade finance with your good bank so we would be honored to have a relationship with such a fine well esteemed bank such as your good bank. We believe that there is a promising business between our two banks.

I would appreciate your kind feedback concerning our request and Looking forward to hearing positive news.

best regards,
Tamara Asfoor

Bank of Palestine

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