We recently implemented the CSaaS platform and immediately were able to identify the key pain points felt by our customer base. The improvement over the past few months has reached almost 18% in lost sales and decreased refunds by almost 50%. The real-time Customer Feedback and Response panel is a great way to measure the current status of Customer Satisfaction across our 150 call center associates.

Dan L.,

Last month when I was insulted and treated poorly on a passenger train, I went to their web site and searched for a place or a phone number where I could tell someone what kind of horrible experience I had just had. I could have just left my message at the "contact us" section, but who knows if I would have ever heard back from them. I wanted to know that I was going to get results and satisfaction for my trouble. I did a google search and came across this site. The company I was looking for was easy to locate and I was able to email the the ceo of the company directly. I heard back from a company representative 20 minutes later.  Wow.

Dan Adams,

If you want to have your issue heard, Emailtheboss is an excellent resource for finding the right person to hear what you have to say.

Amanda Johns, Consultant

I know this will work! I am glad you guys are doing this - common America!

Mr. John Anderson, Designer