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Eliaz Cornède sent a message to Joseph Boardman that said:

Hypersonic Cargo Plane - Commercial Request

I am Eliaz Cornède and I am developing a cargo plane capable of traveling at a hypersonic speed of 14,800 km / h.

I solved the problem related to the heating of the materials, the production of the supersonic wave as well as the excessive fuel consumption of the large aircraft. I guarantee it, my plane flies, it cost me 15 years of intensive work. Despite the many failures, I got there through passion and dedication to work. #success

Are you interested in my Hypersonic Cargo Plane?

Here are his abilities
Freight: 100 Tons
Cruising speed: Mach 12
Flight plan: Vertical Take-Off Landing & Hypersonic Cruise
Navigation: Autonomous without pilot
Market: Civil - Cargo - Military
Purchase price: 380 million euros (447 million US dollars)

I look forward to your return.

Eliaz Cornède
Promoter & Designer of the Super Galaxy Hypersonic Cargo Airplane

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