Mr. King,<br> I am sending this email in regards to a current loan I – Kelly S King email address

Nancy B. Jones sent a message to Kelly S. King – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BB&T Corporation – Email Address that said:

Mr. King,
I am sending this email in regards to a current loan I have with your bank, loan #6210721019 in the name of Nancy B. Jones. I have sold this property and signed a contract on 3/29/17. Since that date I have made numerous calls to your bank and to the DMV for clarification on what needs to take place in order for the deal to be closed. I have continued my pursuits and have hit nothing but roadblocks. Your bank tells me they are researching it. The DMV says once they get what they need it will be another 6 to 8 weeks to process. Meanwhile I have continued to accrue expenditures and NO ONE from your bank has had the decency to keep me updated. So at this point you leave me no choice. I will be actively pursing a lawsuit against your bank and Mr. James Stoddard, the closing attorney on this loan. If you have any decency at all you are welcome to contact me at 803-236-0865 as I cannot continue to be dragged around.
Nancy B. Jones

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