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#1 on Twitter right now – BOYCOTT KELLOG’S. You guys are hubristic, pompous, and absolutely – John A Bryant email address

Jason sent a message to John A. Bryant – Chairman of the Board of Kellogg Company – Email Address that said:

#1 on Twitter right now - BOYCOTT KELLOG'S. You guys are hubristic, pompous,
and absolutely incognizant, about the mood of the country. You believe the lies of the liberal media and stuck your proverbial neck out because of it. Well neck, meet 30 million Breitbart readers. (Who are not ignorant, nor racist, nor anti-semite, etc, etc, etc.) We are merely constitutional conservatives who are fed-up with the globalist agenda of the left. And - WE WON the election. This boycott will go for years - and will mark a point where you will be able to see the sales decline! Stick to your ignorant and unregenerate agenda like the media does and watch what happens. Retribution will come in the form of boycotting your products. Already there are many documents circulating on the internet about all of your brands! 🙂 This makes me quite happy. That was a really dumb-ass move. (Lost my ability to be eloquent there for a minute.) P.S. We won Michigan too you morons.

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