10/7/2016 I made a purchase at WS South Windsor store for $94.95, paying cash – Laura J Alber email address

Susan sent a message to Laura J. Alber Director, President, and CEO, Williams-Sonoma – email address that said:

10/7/2016 I made a purchase at WS South Windsor store for $94.95, paying cash after WS computer system issue denied both my credit/debit transactions. Later that day, both those transactions were posted to my accounts, so I paid 3 times for the same transaction. I present this to you in the hope you will "walk in my shoes" in this experience with your company.
After I discovered the multi transaction issue, this is the process I experienced: called the South Windsor store, was told to call the customer service number, called the number, was told it was for online orders only and to contact the store. I then went to the store and provided the documents showing the multiple transactions. The store manager said it was a bank issue. Went to my bank, was told it was WS issue. My bank helpfully contacted the WS customer service organization, explained the issue and e-mailed the supporting documents to them. I was promised a resolution call back by end of that day (10/11), no call back received. I then e-mailed customer service with all the specifics; was told to deal with the store. Called the store manager, was told they would have to contact corporate for a resolution. As of 10/16 still no resolution from the store. All I requested is that the transactions be reversed. WS took $94.95 from my checking account, and charged my credit card without my permission (since I already provided cash for the purchase). The computer issue at the WS store caused this issue, but I am the only one working to resolve it. The bank is issuing dispute forms for both transactions, so WS will have to resolve this anyway, but as I read on the WS corporate website about "corporate responsibility", I realized my experience is that WS does not appear to accept any responsibility to their customer. I demand an immediate return of the money removed from my checking and a cancellation of the credit charge. I have posted this experience on many complaint and social media websites, filed a complaint with BBB, contacted my local news consumer advocate departments, and now I appeal to you, DOES ANYONE AT WS ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR RESOLVING THIS ISSUE?

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