2 weeks plus one day, we have been repeatedly requested a pickup order on this starting – Wendell P Weeks email address

iris sent a message to Wendell P. Weeks – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Corning Incorporated – Email Address that said:

2 weeks plus one day

we have been repeatedly requested a pickup order on this starting on April 22nd

they were notified on the 3rd of May that they were to immediately refund moneys paid for no usable product

the seller insists we are to pay more money to send it back so they can refund IF they decide UPS has not damaged it???? [so they can sell a compromised part to someone else as new?]

they have done little but delay and [deliberately?] misunderstand/refuse their responsibility for bad delivery

it was their job to arrange pickup and file claim

they are in possession of our money,

they have caused delay and frustration by refusing to abide by any reasonable business ethics.

just the time spent typing is more than it would have taken to install units that had been properly packed for safe shipping

not sure now rather should be classified as a government level of incompetence or outright fraud

the most cursory review of the emails you already have should instantly indicate that the vendor has no excuse for retaining our funds

do we get a refund today or do we start filing complaints?

On 5/3/2016 6:24 PM, A-to-z Guarantee Program wrote:

We have received your A-to-z Guarantee claim for this order:

Order Number:
Claim Reason:
You received a damaged item

Your Comments: "panels arrived broken. seller agreed to reship. 2nd set arrived today in worst condition than the first ones. UPS driver noted terrible damage to panels protruding from box as well as other damage to box. we did not open but sent back with UPS driver to return to seller. someone along the line is really rough. packaging could certainly be better also!!!! at this point we give up and request full immediate refund."

When an A-to-z Guarantee claim is approved, Amazon.com reimburses your original method(s) of payment. You can check the status of your claim by visiting Your Account. In the "Orders" section, select the "View Older Orders" link. On the following page, click on the "View Order" button for this transaction. Then click on the "Problem with this order?" button. This will show you the current status of your claim. If a reimbursement has been processed, you'll see an Important Message listed at the top of the order summary page.

If your seller directly resolves your problem, please let us know by replying to this email to confirm or visiting this link:
We expect all sellers to maintain the same high standard of customer service as Amazon, and we encourage buyers to try to reach a solution with their seller where possible. The A-to-z Guarantee exists as a final resort for buyers who have not been able to find a satisfactory resolution, or in cases where a seller is unwilling to engage in correspondence with the buyer.

Our Guarantee claim specialists will review this matter on your behalf. Most claims for reimbursement are resolved within 1-2 weeks. We'll let you know what we conclude as soon as possible.
Best Regards,

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