4022 Northview Drive Grand Island, NE 68803 ecember 15, 2016 Mr. Claure, I have been a long – Marcelo Claure email address

Ann sent a message to Marcelo Claure- the chief executive officer of Sprint Corporation- email address that said:

4022 Northview Drive
Grand Island, NE 68803

Mr. Claure,
I have been a long time customer of Sprint and at present having some problems with Sprint backing up what they are advertising.
1. I bought a Samsung S7 during the promotion of receiving a 256 GB SCD card with purchase. My receipt is dated November 9, 2016, which was the last date of the promotion. I went to fill in the paper work on line to receive this promotion only to have the program shut down on me each time I got to the submit button. I tried this approx. 10 times and that at point figured this method was not going to work. So, the next time I was off I called customer service gave them the information about the failure of using the online method. She took my name and I have not heard anything back. I would like my SCD card as I followed Sprints requirements to no avail and to no error of mine.
2. I received a card in the mail to receive a free charger. I took the coupon into my local store, and of course there were out. A male manager was very nice about it and took my name and number and said they would call when they received some more. Well, a female called Tuesday, December 13, 2016 in the afternoon and said I had 24 hours to pick it up. I replied I would be in after work on the 14th. I get off work at 1800, go to pick it up and low and behold she told me I had till 1500 to get it and that I was no longer eligible to receive one as I missed my opportunity. She never told me on the phone that I had till 1500 to come in and get it. Sorry, but being a nurse my hours do not conform to Sprints, so If she truly told me that would have told me 1500 I would have arranged for my husband to stop by. The 24 hours I guess included night hours when the store is not open and available to provide customer service. Please explain this to me, as I am not a thief and do not enter businesses when they are closed.
I do not know what more I can do then to follow the speciation’s outlined only to be rejected by Sprint. At this point, sorry to say, this is a Sprint issue. I will be waiting to receive my 256 GB SCD Card and my free charger in the mail.
You should live up to the integrity your advertising portrays. Just think of all the good customer references you could receive.

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