8200 Spotted Doe Dr FW 76179…was told by someone named Billy that he would – David V Auld email address

J P sent a message to David V. Auld President and Chief Executive Officer of D.R. Horton Inc.€“ Email Address that said:

8200 Spotted Doe Dr FW 76179...was told by someone named Billy that he would be back in a day or two to clean up the mess above the stone wall made by contractors ( trash ) and to get something done about the empty lot dirt running into the street which builds up and then i track it into my garage with my truck...why is everything such a hassle with some of the Horton employees?....i think i will contact City about the debris and see if their code compliance cant issue a ticket or two...and why does this Shar-ree ( or whatever her name is ) get all the Customer Service calls on her messages but never responds..NEVER responds.

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