JoAnne Hasler sent a message to Marty Lott that said:

   I thought when you asked me for my clients information that you were going to try to work out something for the North Face order for them. I don't think just telling them they need to use a preferred supplier was really a solution for me. The system has changed to if you even order one piece it has to go through a preferred decorator. I have been a loyal client of yours for 20 years and you have been my initial reach out company and supplier. You came in here a few months ago and supplied me with catalogs some of which were The North Face. If I am not authorized to sell them why would you be asking me to promote them?????? 
   I have been promoting the brand and my clients have been sampling the products to only come to this situation. I understand that SanMar has not started doing decorating in house and feels that this program is a solution but it is also a stab to the smaller companies like mine that have been supporting your company and promoting to my clients to use your company over the larger companies. I am very disappointed in SanMar at this time and will be directing my main core of clients back to the Alpha monopoly of companies. 
   The clients that have been working with me have been with me for a very long time and will be less than disappointed with SanMar as well that you are charging companies $250 a month in order to be on "YOUR LIST OF SUPPLIERS" SanMar has always been promoted as the small company with values and morals and that is why we have been loyal to you. 
   I will be sure to share with my clients the practice that gives them the free shipping (Which you get free shipping with $200 orders anyway) to some embroidery companies. Those that care about small business I am sure would have the same opinion as mine. 
   Good luck in your endeavors with SanMar. 

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