Volodymyr Panas sent a message to Marillyn Hewson that said:

 My name is Volodymyr I, a priest who serves children with disabilities, homeless children and various elderly people, and I ask you to help me in my village, a small country and a poor country with 73 rooms. In general, as a priest, I want to develop a village, people, children, youth and build up, but I can not, because I can not, because it is very financially difficult. I ask you to tell it to your friends so that they can share with friends who can also help me promise you, as a priest, your name will be written in my village:
 What do I want to do as a priest?
1) I want to make and restore the Church so that Christians, children, can come and pray before God.
2) I would like to create a school for children so that they can learn and receive knowledge;
3) the creation of a playground;
4) poor children, orphans, widows, people with special needs, deaf people need help.
Allow me, according to my request, to fall into your heart so that we all respond to it, sincerely sacrifice God's plan. Thank you in advance, I promise you, parents, children, grandchildren, pray for them, and I will always remember them in prayer! Who can help, do not turn away from the plan of God, with respect, priest Volodymyr!

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