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To whom it may concern,

     I am deeply saddened that i feel the need to write this letter, because i have used UPS for decades, and have NEVER had an issue, and never thought i would.

     MY son, Dylan, is in the military and stationed at Fort Bragg in South Carolina.  My husband and I packed up his Plasma TV, purchased a T.V shipping box from Home Depot, and additional packing supplies including bubble wrap.  The T.V itself weighed just under 75 lbs, and the proper box, with double side, foam corners, and a foam sheet was used.  The set was double wrapped in bubble tape, if the wrap could've made it around / and fit in the box - it would have been done.  More bubble wrap, newspaper , blankets and clothing filled every possible void inside the box.  The TV was not able to shift, slide or rock or more filler would have been used.

    Box was taped all over, handles reinforced with packing tape as well.  The box had "This Side Up ( with arrows) " papers, taped all over the box.  The box needed to remain vertical during transit, or damage could occur - the back of the TV had more weight than the front.

Below is an excerpt of how to properly pack a Plasma TV.

Wrap the plasma TV in generous amounts of bubble wrap. Three layers or even more of bubble wrap will provide a strong cushioning layer that will protect the TV against bumps. Make sure to cover every surface of the plasma TV, paying extra attention to the screen which can crack and break in case of a violent bump or drop.

Use Styrofoam blocks to protect the corners of the plasma TV which are prone to bumps. You can also use Styrofoam blocks to fill gaps between the plasma TV and the shipping box.

Plasma TVs should only be transported with its right-side-up so that its internal electronic components, as well as the tubes of gaseous substances inside, will not be damaged. Laying the TV on its side might have a negative impact on these components and affect the picture quality and integrity of the device. Furthermore, there is very little support in the middle part of the screen that can lead to cracks and distortion if the plasma TV is laid flat for a long time.

It is a good idea to ship plasma TVs using the services of a company that has extensive experience in shipping 

     When picked up, by our local carrier, my husband needed to assist the driver in carrying the box.  It;s size, shape and weight made it difficult for any one person to carry it alone.  My son arranged for the shipping and purchased $500.00 of insurance, the shipping was an additional $130.00.  

     The box arrived to him in perfect condition.  Not a tear, dent or piece of tape lifted at all.  When my son opened the box - this is where our UPS experience takes a turn.
     Upon my son opening the box, everything seemed fine.  The external glass survived the long haul.  It was when he further cut the bubble wrap away, he saw that the Plasma Layer itself was shattered.  A claim was filed immediately.  Phone interviews were conducted and many photos were taken to not only show - the INTEGRITY of the box, but the damage SOLELY to the plasma layer.  This damage was caused exclusively by the mishandling if this item.  If the box itself was faulty - it would have shown wear and tear, dents etc...

     All of a sudden, the entire shipping process became about the FAULTY BOX, and not the FAULTY HANDLING of the box. A box, which, was specially designed for the transport of a T.V. - Go figure.   At some point during transport, this TV was placed flat on a surface, and that solely becomes the fault of UPS.  Needless to say, my son's claim was denied, multiple times.  The last time, when, once again our packing, the " Wrong" box and our shipping were to blame.  When questioned "What the RIGHT box to ship is?" or "How can you abide by a weight limit if the weight of the box itself plus the item ( less than limit) -  over the limit ?"  Several questions were presented to every individual at each step of this process - yet NO ONE had any answers.  I am disappointed.  How can a T.V. which was shipped in a box designed to SHIP A T.V. be the wrong box?  How can this claim be denied ? I beg you to send me any proof that this box was the reason this T.V's inner plasma screen became shattered.  There is none - please look at the employees for this disaster.

     Thank you UPS for the PAST years of excellent service and please thank my son for his FUTURE years serving and protecting this country.  

So Disappointed - Gwenne Theodore

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