Holly Fuessley sent a message to Thomas Rutledge that said:

Dear Mr. Thomas M. Rutledge,
My fiancé was an account holder of Spectrum both cable and internet. In May 2019, when he was diagnosed with Terminal Stage 4 Esophagus Cancer. We needed to cut back on things and on bills. The cable was one thing he had to have (with him sick all the time, in all of the pain and just able to get out of bed; It gave him some to keep his mind off what he was feeling). I needed the internet because I am a student at Madison Area Community College.
One day in March I received a disconnect letter from Spectrum. So, I called. This is how I found out that, even thou I asked, and I was told it was ‘taken care of’ by my fiancé. I thought I should check his email because that was how he paid them. Even there, I saw the notices, that he didn’t pay them. If I didn’t call when I did, I would have been disconnected. When I already received one disconnect. I was told only way to keep any service was to pay the amount in full… now. Also, since of the situation I needed to change the accountholder now or be disconnected, that is what I did. If it was not the disconnect notices, I would have waited but I was given not other choice. I was a college student and was not able to go to campus or library during a stay at home order.
On May 7th I spoke with Manager Collin or Cory (not sure), he told me that I was a new customer so that part I would have received the 60day free internet for being a student. But because I called in 2 days prior to the start of the free internet, I don’t get it. I have been calling in every month and fighting with them (because they would not transfer me to who I want to speak to (a supervisor)).
1.) Billing was wrong after I called the very first time in March. (I was trying to explain my side and was hungup on). The last time I called was because I was disconnected just 1 hour before having to take a final exam, along with a final project due before able to take the final exam. AND I HAD NO INTERNET BECAUSE OF PAST DUE AMOUNT.
3.) Several times I had to repeat that I was a student of MATC
4.) I have a class starting on July 6th and goes until September
5.) Then I start fall semester September until December.
6.) Have a place to live and have the internet is a priority.
7.) In my first semester I didn’t have internet and went to campus and the library; but realized that was inconvenient because I had to wait until a computer opened, limited hours and at the library there was time limits.
I called yesterday to speak to a supervisor, again would not be transferred. Their words were “if you want to waste your time on this”. I do not believe this is a waste of my time. If only one person would see it from a COVID-19 college student, fixed income, Christian, newly recent widow, trying to fight to survive, get thru each day just to stay in my home (where I spent time with my fiancé until his last breath) and not have to quit classes and not have to homeless. All because of 2 days; a disconnection and forced to change to a new account or lose it all and start all over because someone very close to you died somewhat unexpectedly. I spoke with Reginald, he said I was not a new customer because account was setup in July 2018. I corrected him and said yes by Randy Hobson, it was put into a new account after he passed away into my name. I explained about the 2-day--2-month free COVID-19. He said bluntly there was nothing that could be done. I asked who the CEO was of Spectrum? He first said there was none, then he said he had no idea. (in my past of places, I worked we were to know who the CEO was, for various reason) Then he said he had to look it up, he did come back after a minute with your name and the spelling of it. He told me you had no idea about the things or decisions setup. I told him that is fine, I will just contact the Governor. As I was typing up the email to the Governor, I received an email, describing how they set up deferred payments for the next year for me.
I was told when I put the account in my name, I was told that my price would not change for my internet of $ 54.99plus taxes. Then I get my bill, when I called in (during COVID-19) I was told that was the price having internet only, but I could not get one person to listen or understand what I was told before, asked about 2 months free that I was a student. But what was I to do I was a student and needed to do my homework and quizzes and exams for the semester of college?
I would not have late fees or any problem or even this deferred payment they put me on. If I was not forced it to only have two choices that day I called in March, and then again when I received the first bill after calling in March. I was a grieving college student, not allowed to leave my home of COVID- 19 and your company saw a chance to take advantage of during the pandemic to benefit your own good.
March FREE (54.99 + taxes)
April FREE (54.99 + taxes)
May 54.99 + taxes
June 54.99 + taxes
Payments Made 70.00
Balance $39.98 + taxes (which would have been paid if I was given the courtesy in March and every call after that)

COVID-19 made this world a trying time; does that include all the companies too, that say that they are here for us. Is that much that I am asking for those 2days- for 2 months free, that will break the company? Then maybe you’re not a company to support by giving you my business.

Holly Fuessley

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