kavish katre sent a message to Takuya Nakata that said:

mr anshuman ( india service ) 
we never had this kind of policy or reply with mr bhattiji as distributor for last 20 years and nor even from the yamaha till date. 
but hats off to you that you as employee of yamaha india  has done a great job of cheapness in this senior citizen case and in covid 19 issue for a small request by a customer 
thank you for your useless and numb and dumb sensibility in this covid 19 issue where mumbai is main centre in india 
also pl provide yamaha india MD email id as well as japan and main office for us to inform this kind of senseless work you people do who as employee are earningand feeding your families on our retail sales. 
if a retailer do not sale a product you as useless and dumb people wont have a job at all anywhere in the world to provide service and earn again the income for company 
again great and numb and useless people like you will definitely ruin the name and goodwill earned by japanese in all the field
kavish katre
redefine audio pvt ltd.
Audio Engineering Society member

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