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On Saturday 10/03/2020 I called your credit department in regards to a refund that was taken way to long in my opinion? I was to told by your customer service credit person that the follow items could not be found?
So I went on the my computer my account orders and found the following Please inform in writing how I can find the merchandise purchased very easily but credit could not and no refund would issued. I am a long time customers. well over fifteen years. My wife shops at kohl's frequently so the credit will be used.
I purchased the merchandise was told at the store it would be refunded. Mrs Gass I wonder how long this refund would have sat n credit before any attention was paid to the refund. Now credit I am told that the refund would not be a check. But a credit I offered to credit my account not available.
I am sure Kohl's is better than this. I know we live in today's world where one can say one thing and mean another. But I a old school My grandfather taught me "Never let your mouth make a check that your ass can't cash" Your word is your bound?

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