Bozó József Gábor sent a message to Patricia Woertz that said:

Dear Juan R. Luciano!

Please read my story and help!

I am József Gábor Bozo, I live in Budapest, Hungary, I am 45 years old. Unfortunately, the coronavirus stopped my life. Life has stopped in Hungary, there are no job opportunities. Unfortunately, I can't pay the rent and overhead. I live in a 24 square foot basement apartment that is pretty dark and damp. I can only dry washed clothes on the sidewalk because in the house smelly will be. The front door rusts and has a 1cm gap on it. If it rains, rainwater flows through the gap into the apartment. If I don't pay rent, the landlord will evict me. Since I have no job, I have no money. The rent for the apartment plus the overhead is HUF 130,000, which would be $ 440 per month. But unfortunately I can't pay this out of the monthly social assistance of HUF 22,800, which is $ 76 a month. I received a deferral until October 1, pay this amount, or if not, I have to move out of the apartment. Now I have managed to arrange so much, the residences are very decent with me.They wrote to the homeowner to give me a month's deferral. Since I have lived here for 1.5 years now, and when I had a job I paid him honestly, the rent, and the overhead fee. On the one hand I am happy for him, on the one hand not. The virus situation in Hungary is getting worse and it is very difficult to find a job. I can't find a job yet unfortunately until then I get social support. That’s very, very little money, HUF 22,800 a month, converted to $ 76 a month. But I still owe the homeowner, I don't know how I'm going to pay him.
If I had a little apartment of my own, my life would come straight. Unfortunately, I stand there that I can’t buy food. Many poor people live in Hungary and the government does not help us. And richer people don't help the poor. I don't have a job because of a virus, and I have little money for food. My life got harder and harder when Dad died on the morning of March 27th. My grandparents are no longer alive and my mother died in 1999. The family lives in the countryside, unfortunately unable to support me. My brother has 4 children and my sister is also unemployed. I trust the benevolent people to help and share the story. Any small donation would be very welcome in the current situation. I have already written 3 letters to the Hungarian government, the minister, but I do not receive help. In the current situation, I can only ask for help from some foundation or person. I want to buy a small apartment and finally live in peace and tranquility with my dog. Unfortunately, the price of such a small rented apartment in which I live is $ 60,000 at market price. Or for $ 45,000, approx. there is a small apartment of 20 square meters where the toilet is at the end of the corridor, even that would be suitable for me.
In the neighborhood where I live, a block away is a 20-square-foot basement apartment. There’s only one door, no window, a little dark, but that wouldn’t bother me anymore. I walked with my dog and asked how much it cost $ 40,000. I would be very happy about that too if I could buy one. I now receive very low social assistance: HUF 22,800 per month. I can prove that I get social support. In Hungary, 1 dollar: 300 HUF. So my monthly income is $ 76. My dream: to have my own little apartment where I and my dog can live in peace.There is no such direct fundraising place or website in Hungary. If I can't find a solution, the landlord will unload me and my dog, onto the street because I can't pay him. They asked for help from several foundations, but they did not deal with the individual person.
Thank you very much everyone for the small donations. I am grateful for it, thank you.

Pictured: me and my dog and where I live today. Unfortunately, I live in a pretty bad place, now in a rental apartment. Not a good neighborhood, the street is dirty and garbage. I enclose the authentic governmental decision that I will receive social assistance from 01.06.2020. I get 22,800 forints a month. Converted to dollars, your monthly income is $ 76. I have attached a death certificate certifying that my father died on the night of March 26th. I attach these so you can see that I am telling the truth.

I have asked for help from several foundations, such as the Warren Buffet Foundation, but they are also asking for a $ 1,500 registration fee. Please help me so that my dog and I don't get on the street.
I can't upload the supporting document or pictures here.
Thank you: József Gábor Bozó, Hungary, Budapest

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