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someone needs to look at the horror I went thru when I reported to my dte protection my air went out. They wanted to come out no sooner than ten days and I have a breathing machine and cogestive heart failure with a stent. I had to get someone to help me I couldnt breathe in 86 degrees in house,
 After almost a month of several dte people coming out all different answers diff teams they finally fixed the two burnt taps of wire from house to pole.  I had to get someone and they didnt pay the 150..labor!  I am a widow and 72 years old ran my bill up and the basket truck dug up my yard. I am waiting for them to fix my yard ok... but to find out the RIGHT transformer was on the other side of my house and going to fix that who knows when was burning inside the neighbors tree.  Your policy may be not to pay labor but in this instance for everything that went delayed and unprofessional people that did not know their job it should be paid.!!  I am probably going in hospital and would appreciate someone recognizing what the supervisors at dte had to do to get the right knowledge out here and still waiting since the beginning of first week in July report...and on and on...  150.00 labor is rediculous!!! to refuse . CEO never hear the real stuff right?

Roseanna Tune
26058 Lila Lane
Dearborn Hghts Mi 48127

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