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Bruce Pfabe sent a message to Edward Lampert that said:

As the CEO I think you would like to know what is going on in your company. As a former bank executive and part owner of the largest real estate company I feel it is very important. My wife and I purchased a Samsung refrigerator from your Southglen Colorado store. We purchased the extended warranty and had service calls on 6/20/16, 7/8/16, 3/9/17, 12/19/17, 1/22/18, 2/1/18, 2/20/18, 3/14/18, 4/4/18, 4/10/18. Your web site says if it can't be fixed on the 3rd visit, it will be replaced. The refrigerator totally died on 2/1/18. After the 4/10/18 visit, it was declared dead. We selected a replacement refrigerator on 4/10 and it was delivered on 4/19/18. There was no water filter so delivery could not hook up the refirgerator. It did not start. I went to the store to secure the filter and spend two phone calls of about 1 hour each for a tech person named Pamela in Tuscon to finally trouble shoot the start process. When it started it leaked from inside the frig not where the delivery people looked up the water line. It has damaged our hardwood floor and the refrig was delivered with scratches that were not on it in the store.
The local store manager Matt Petty 303-730-5500 has been helpful and offered a credit of $250.00 for the damange to our refrig and floor. Now they say it will not be until 5/7 that someone will show up to address the water leak.
Matt and Pamela are the only ones who have been remotely helpful.
Bottom line, this nightmare is still going on.
Bruce Pfabe 303-877-3455

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