I name is Terry Denton and i am CEO of DenCoH20 LLC located in Phoenix – Craig Menear email address

Terry Denton sent a message to Craig Menear - Chairman, CEO and President of The Home Depot email address that said:

I name is Terry Denton and i am CEO of DenCoH20 LLC located in Phoenix Arizona, a professional water treatment company in business for over 37 years. I am a Master Water Specialist (CWS-VI) Certified Water Specialist with a Chemical Engineering dgree from Purdue University. I designed the King Water Filtration filter you are marketing and have partnered with Wade King on. Mr. King approached us over a year ago with his partner Mike Kaplan in Las Vegas. Mr. Kaplan is currently one of our dealers marketing our PhSmarte 1000 whole house salt free whole house water treatment system. If that sounds familuar well its because Mr. King did not design this system as he advertises, he stole and copied the system completely from the design in our system. We have been marketing and selling this design for over 12 years. When Mr. King approached us in early 2016 to private label our system for the King Water Filter we declined. It wasnt ethically or moral to private label our system and to compete with our national dealer network. But oviously Mr. King doesnt share the ethics or morals that our company shares. He copied the design which we understand has no patents, and now advertizes he dsigned the system which is false. If you read the opening of my letter I have been treating national water problems with the hiighest certifications available in the water industry for over 45 years. I work with massive ethics and integrity, and have been prominant in the design and marketing of alkaline waster systems for hospitals, cancer patients, and homeowners nationally. I only write to you to inform you of the kind of person you have alligned yourselves with in this project. We plan no lawsuit at this point, there are no patents for us to protect, however we are consulting an attorney to see our legal options. We will however seriously consider an internet presence by web page or landing page advertized by SEO, to inform customers nationally the truth about the King Water Filter which was designed by another company CEO with Certifications and an Engineering degree, not some TV personality who advertizes he knows water, but has no clue as to how to design anything but a fish tank. I wonder if the Mayo Clinics or any hospital in the nation would call Mr. King to have him design a water system for medical water needs. We feel people nationally need to understand the truth about The King Water Filter before considering its purchase.

Sir, we buy all our installation parts at Home Depot, and have massive respect for you and your company. But in this situation you have alligned yourselves with someone who has no ethics or integrity and stole and copied technology from another established company and advetizes on TV and nationally on your web site, taking credit for its design. Also he falsely advertizes the system purifies water which is also a false statement.

I wish you good health

Terry Denton
DenCoH20 LLC

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