A Bmw you can’t resist my foot your company should start handling the customers who – Norbert Reithofer email address

Vaibhav sent a message to Norbert Reithofer Chairman of the Board of Management, BMW – email address that said:

A Bmw you can't resist my foot your company should start handling the customers who use there cars and are suffering. Stop fooling the people in our country your service is as good as a fruit seller who sells rotten fruits and vanish the same way you sell your cheap cars with a pathetic service and vanish
Despite of our mail conversation and tell conversation, there has been no strong answer or solution from your end. I am now forced to take this matter publicly on public forums and show the real and the true picture of such a big and renowned brand of yours. And even that doesn't help I would take the help of the law and order and keep up with updates to social media and news channel. A brand like yours does need to responsible and have responsible working under them or as dealers. It's high time your dealer osl prestige and you realised that. There has been umpteen cases in our own family where we have suffered owing to your dealer. This time we shall not let it go so easily. Your dealers employee told me with a lot of pride and ego that do whatever you write whoever you can. It showed that day itself what kind of management and leadership qualities does your chairman and the board of directors have within them.
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