We will issue an order to reconnect service after a payment of $1,486.19 is submitted.- William H Spence email address

Cynthia sent a message to William H. Spence – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of PPL Corporation – Email Address that said:
Date of call: 11-01-2016
First Payment Amount: $1,486.19
We will issue an order to reconnect service after a payment of $1,486.19 is submitted.
Balance due with next bill: $152.61
Number of Months until Balance is Current: 1

I can’t afford to pay the first payment, I am sorry that my $40 payment was returned, the lady told me had that not the $40 been returned, they would have kept my power on and worked with me, but not only did this check bounce so did my rent, because of garnishments. I worked things out with the Landlord, but I came home to no power, no one’s fault but my own. Working, paying for school, pay for my daughter’s DaShawna $24,000 loan at $247.12 a pay and other deductions has me struggling just so much. My services are discounted and I am so cold, sleeping in my house, food spoiled in the freeze and refrigerator. I know I owe you but I am trying so hard to get this bill down to zero, as soon as possible, but I just need someone to understand, and lower the cost or wave this tremendous amount, so this will be my last night sleeping in the cold. I never want to be in the position again, I was homeless, but God blessed me over the years and I am not angry, I am just cold, scared and nervous, looking for someone to understand that I apologize, and would help me. I have to budget better and I will do better in the future.I was told by PPL to call Operation Help and I did, but they are waiting on an email from PPL Operation Help Liaison to approve a lower payment, but the email has not come yet. Whatever anyone can do to help me I would be so grateful, the people in the finance department told me their hands were tied, by the guidelines of the company policy and I don’t want no one to get in trouble trying to break any rules, they have been so kind to me. I am going home at 4:30 pm no matter if the power it not on, because I have plenty of blankets and God will keep me until I get out of this situation. I went back to school to better myself and got my degrees and now I am on to the bachelor’s program for business administration and accounting to make better money. I am a missionary for God and I will be alright even if you say no, I am not made. Have a blessed evening and please tell the Financial Department I said thank you.

Yours in Christ,


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