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@adityabirlagrp – Kumar Birla – Respected Sir, With utmost pride, I wish to state that I am admitted to the

JANARTHANAN DHEENA DHAYALAN sent a message to Kumar Birla that said:

Respected Sir,

With utmost pride, I wish to state that I am admitted to the prestigious Sloan 2021 Programme (student admission no 3380180).
I am an Indian Armed Forces officer and have honourably served this nation for the past 24 years. From being a child-labour, I have reached here only through sustained perseverance and leadership skills. Despite having two educational degrees, I have not attended the college as a regular student as I have done my higher education through distance mode.
Besides lifting my family out of poverty, I assisted another 11 individuals to progress their career and thereby lifted their spirit and livelihood. Not only had I spent considerable time on these individuals but also had spared my earnings. Conducting online exams for underprivileged students in the current pandemic through hiring a webpage and server is also draining my financial resources. My minuscule efforts in transforming underprivileged students’s lives align with the vision and values of Aditya Birla Group.
I intend to quit my job to join the course. Despite having pledged my life’s earning, I am yet to cross the half-way mark to the full tuition fees. It is needless to state the meagre salary a Government employee gets, unlike a corporate employee. It is hurting my self-respect to seek crowd-funding at this juncture of my life. The Sloan admission is a hard-earned one; however, a scholarship is essential for me to enrol in the programme.
Not only that I will remember London Business School for eternity, but also will go in the history of London Business School for admitting someone who has NEVER stepped into any college as a regular student. I have dreamt of this day and wish that this does not remain just a dream.
The Aditya Birla Scholarships for London Business School are exclusively earmarked for MBA candidates; however, I feel that I may be given an opportunity to present my case for seeking a suitable scholarship. I earnestly request the esteemed Chairman of Aditya Birla Conglomerate to give a considerate view of my case. With such assistance, I wish to bring in my rich experience and serve the Aditya Birla group on completion of the Sloan fellowship.

Warmest Regards

JD Dhayalan

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