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This Holiday season, plan ahead to protect your employees and help reduce drunk driving. The Liam’s Life Foundation is excited to announce its Safe Ride Home Program to companies throughout the state of California.

The holidays are the deadliest time of the year when it comes to drunk driving crashes. Companies hosting holiday parties are at risk of their employees driving home impaired. If an employee drives home impaired and injures or kills someone, the victims could potentially go after the company. Many socially conscious companies will provide some sort of ride service for their employees, wish is INCREDIBLE, but with the Safe Ride Home Program through the Liam’s Life Foundation, we take care of that for you and take on the expense as well.

The Liam’s Life Foundation is on a mission to end drunk driving related fatalities. On September 3, 2016, its founders, professional MMA fighter Marcus Kowal and his wife Mishel, lost their 15-month old son, Liam. Liam and Mishel’s 15 year old sister were crossing a pedestrian crosswalk when they were both struck by a drunk driver. Her sister survived, but Liam succumbed to a fatal head injury. As you can imagine, it’s a pain unlike any other to lose a child, which is why they founded the Liam’s Life Foundation and are working feverishly to stop this completely preventable crime from happening. Over 10,000 people a year are killed by impaired drivers, another million people are injured. Compare this to distracted driving, which kills roughly 3,000 people per year, impaired driver are a massive hazard on the roads.

Please join us in our fight to reduce drunk driving and contact us now to participate our Safe Ride Home Program. Rides will be provided through Lyft. The Liam’s Life Foundation will provide a specific code for your employees to use on the day of your holiday event and Liam’s Life will be billed directly for this expense.

Liam’s Life, along with its Public Relations team will be working with all media outlets and companies that join this program will be recognized for their socially responsible efforts they are promoting within their company’s culture.

The Liam’s Life Foundation is asking for a donation for participating companies. The donation amount is up to the company and is tax deductible as the Liam’s Life Foundation is a 501(c)3 California Non-Profit Organization.

If your company wishes to participate in the Liam’s Life Foundation’s Safe Ride Home Program and have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@liamslife.org.


Toni Penn
Executive Director

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