@advanceauto – Darren Jackson – Mr. Gorman, I want to also thank you for Kayla and Jeana who are both

Alfonso H. Archuleta sent a message to Darren Jackson that said:

Mr. Gorman,

I want to also thank you for Kayla and Jeana who are both outstanding customer service representatives! However, reuben and roman at my local store on 46?? Central Ave SE in Albuquerque are terrible employees. I was trying to explain my situation to roman, the general manager, and he kept interrupting and then told me initially that he could only refund me $25 when I paid $37.31 for it. Previously he had me do all the phone calling to your customer service dept. to get an "e-order number". I felt like he was jerking me around and I stated to him to stop dicking around with me and he accused me of cursing at him. I told him that I did not curse at him and he kept arguing. I explained that dicking around is a slang word so I then looked it up online at urbandictionary.com and it defined it as jerking around or wasting time which is how I perceived it to be. his mind must be in the gutter because he was acting like a tough guy with me previously and then he became a snowflake when I talked to him based on the way he was addressing me. I asked him several times while he was arguing with me if jerking around was a curse word and he would not answer me. he just kept repeating that he had 4 witnesses here who heard what I said. I explained to him that he kept interrupting me and then arguing with me instead of helping me and he then hung up on me. I called back and he stated that he was in charge and that I needed his help. I told him to quit arguing with and lying to me. I asked him to humble himself and admit that he was wrong for interrupting, arguing, and accusing me and he said that he didn't, so he lied. Fortunately Kayla Paschal and Jeana were very kind and helped me. roman needs to be reeducated.

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