@AEPnews – Nicholas K Akins – Mr Akins, My father was a gunnery sgt in the marines fighting at Guadal Canal

Louis Speert 57 Columbus Ohio sent a message to Nicholas K Akins that said:

Mr Akins,

My father was a gunnery sgt in the marines fighting at Guadal Canal. About a year before his passing he gave me a maple sapling (tree), and we planted it in my front yard as I bought my 1st home. He since passed away and I still live in this home 30 plus years later.
Aep moved power lines from the 270/sunbury rd side across the street and into my front yard which I assume was your right-of-way and I havnt had a survey done, or at least not yet.
Your power lines were now placed directly over head of the tree he and I placed before these lines ever moved into my yard.
Every time ASPLUNDH (which I refer to as helen keller with a chain saw) butchers the top of this tree and I have to throw a fit to get these *^%holes to come and reshape it.
I notified ron at ASPLUNDH and was told "my boss said we will come reshape it". Well its now 2 weeks later and I havnt seen not one of them to fix this, and its all I can do to hold my tongue and tell you what I really think.
Ron Asplundh 740-404-9568.This was done last fall and a huge wedge was cut out of the top.
Now I'm about 5 days away from the local news and every social media outlet my teenage son can think of.
Nick, this may seem like a petty complaint, but I hold my deceased father on a level many cant understand. That man risked his life for this country of ours, and worked like a dog at North American Rockwell putting myself and 4 other siblings through school until he died from a massive heart attack. It means a lot Nick, plz understand and light a fire under someones ass and reshape what they Fu&8ed up.

Louis Speert
4191 Little Pine Dr
Gahanna, Ohio 43230-1167

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