@aetna – Mark Bertolini – Dear Mr Bertolini, I am writing in regards to concerns I have regarding Aetna Insurance

Rachel Gutierrez sent a message to Mark Bertolini that said:

Dear Mr Bertolini,

I am writing in regards to concerns I have regarding Aetna Insurance. I am the mother of a child with ADHD. He is on a controlled substance prescription for him to function in school. His condition is severe enough to warrant the daily medication.
Recently several changes have occurred in regards to the accessibility of this much needed medication. In prior years, my son would check in with his doctor every 2-3 months. This morning his doctor informed me that he now needs to be seen monthly according to insurance policies. I have an issue with this. His doctor office charges $120 per ADHD visit, which I have to pay due to hour high deductible. As of May 1, 2020, I have to pay this monthly.
I am a teacher, and this is a financial burden to my family. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and many jobs have been eliminated and furloughed. Now, I am worried about how I will approach my bosses to tell them I need off one day a month to take my child to the doctor. I do not think it is fair for companies to be making it harder on struggling families with special needs children.
While I understand regulations need to be put in place since this medication is a controlled substance, I don't understand why this particular regulation has changed. I understand there are dishonest people in the world who misuse these things, but please punish those people. Do not punish the people who really need this medication. Please give me some insight. I tried to contact member services about this issue. I was on the phone for over an hour and did not get far.

I will be in contact with state representatives and media representatives as well.

Rachel Gutierrez

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