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Dr. Laura Cavicchi, LPC-S sent a message to Mark Bertolini that said:


I am e-mailing the two of you because I have been going around and and around and getting the run around from your provider service advocates since late April. I moved offices and changed my address and sent in the change of address form in April and verified with an advocate that it had been received but would take about 1 month to take effect. I called later in April and was told that my new address of 8400 Blanco Rd. Suite 204 78216 San Antonio Texas was showing as my service and mailing address in the system. However, I have still to receive any checks at this address.

On 5/29 I began calling and asking why, I was told that an old address, 117 Southbridge St. San Antonio Texas 78216 was also still showing and that was where my mail was going. I had not been at this address in 4 years. I was told by the woman I spoke with that she was sending an e-mail to Rameal Kumar to instruct him to remove the 117 Southbridge address and would take 2 to 3 business days. Reference number: 190429118105.

Since then I have been calling and calling and giving the same story. Sometimes they tell me that the 117 Southbridge address is not showing up and other times they do. Here are the following reference numbers:


I was promised last week this would be fixed and a check on one particular client would arrive by today. It did not. I just called and am still on hold after 22 mins. for a supervisor as the 117 Southbridge address is still showing in your system. I am out well over $1,000 and this is affecting me financially. I am about to tell all the Aetna clients what is going on and they may have to see other providers if I cannot get paid. I see clients on weekends and work people in within 24 hours. I can no longer continue to work for free.

Your immediate attention to this is needed.

Thank you,

Dr. Laura Cavicchi, LPC-S
NPI: 1649287558

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