@aetna – Mark Bertolini – Hi Mark, I hope this message finds you well! I apologize for reaching out to

Rebecca Weston sent a message to Mark Bertolini that said:

Hi Mark,

I hope this message finds you well! I apologize for reaching out to you under these circumstances. I'm 100% sure this message will not reach you or get your time and attention because we are most likely one of many families to reach out to you and you have a life. Plus, this is probably a communication channel that is directed to India for response. Regardless, I am contacting you because we have a sweet little 2 year old boy who is autistic. We never imagined our life would be "different", but it is -- and, "different" isn't always unfortunate. We love Aetna (they have been very good to us), but the coordination between Aetna departments is absolutely beyond terrible. The efficiency and effectiveness of horizontal collaboration is unacceptable. We were told because of our son's disability diagnosis he qualified for additional support from Aetna care nurses, care advocates, care teams, etc., but that is not the case at all. We've been given more than five support names (Marcie, Heather, Haylee, Brenda, Ebony -- should I go on). I'm sure they are great at what they do in a silo, but systems, protocols or processes prevent them from helping us and I'm sure many others. Every time I reach out to one of the names assigned (email and phone numbers I can provide if you would like them) for our son I'm told to "call the number on the back of your insurance card". Seriously? Good grief! Our son is autistic and non-verbal. How is he to call? And, through what channel? Have you ever had to imagine a life where your kid may never talk. Have you ever had to fight for services that a so necessary and what you are presented with is sub-par? Why do we accept this as okay? I'd very much appreciate a quick 5-10 minute call to figure out how we move forward as parents of an autistic child and use your services as intended to support "difference". Thanks! Becky

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