@aetna – Mark Bertolini – Mr Bertolini. We have been trying to opt out of a PPO insurance program provided

Lawrence Puetz sent a message to Mark Bertolini that said:

Mr Bertolini. We have been trying to opt out of a PPO insurance program provided by your company through Air Canada since last week 06/18. We have talked to multiple people in your organization regarding this and have recieved a confirmation email from Air Canada that was sent to my wife. This is a secondary retirement from her previous husband. She did not request to be part of this plan and the Aetna reps say they have not received notice that she can opt out. As a result she will be disenrolled from her primary plan on Tuesday 06/30. Her primary plan is from UTSW Medical Center and is a BCBSTX paln that includes Express Scripts as Medicare prescription manager. She can't have this happen as she is a heart patient and requires ongoing medications. We have talked to supervisors and regular members of your organization and no one even records the information. We just get shuffled from person to person and have to repeat the entire story with each rep. Air Canada notified my wife on 06/23 that they had sent your company the confirmation that she could opt out and noone of all the people we've talked to can find that email. It takes an average of 2 days to get anything from Air Canada for her. We absolutely need this resolved and her BCBSTX and Express Scripts restored to the previous coverage by Tuesday next. In the email Air Canada sent her, it states that Aetna will get this done for her. We are at the limits of our patience. Please respond by Monday, 06/29, and let us know if this will be taken care of and confirmed by Aetna via email. We have been told more than once that she would be notified by email and would receive a return call regarding this matter. That never happened. Thank you for your help in this matter. My email is included above.

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