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Sandra Watt sent a message to Arne M. Sorenson President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International, Inc. Email Address that said:

After a recent trip to the Middle East with my daughter who is a Platinum Elite member, I was compelled to comment on the Marriott hotel brand. In particular, I stayed at all three Marriotts in Jordan and the Renaissance in Cairo, Egypt. Summaries below:

1. Petra Marriott Hotel

A wonderful, memorable, and very pleasant stay. Checking in we thought business was slow as we were the only ones in the immediate area. Au contraire! Later found out it was quite busy indeed. What made this hotel exceptional? Quite frankly, EVERYONE. I was truly impressed with the front desk clerks, the bartender, waiters in the restaurant, masseuses, AND the manager Mr. Mahmoud Farajat. He was extremely hospitable, extended certain courtesies and gifts, and gave us suggestions for maximizing
our time in Petra. He even escorted us to our room. Wow. I thought we were super stars as he made us feel so very welcomed. Every morning at breakfast I watched a young lad as he promptly cleared the table. I was most impressed seeing him give diligence in ensuring the cleanliness of the table. He actually wiped down each seat and wiped the table mats. How unusual, I thought, that this young man took so much pride in his work. What a refreshing sight.

2. Jordan Valley Marriott Resort Spa

Very nice. Luxurious and relaxing. Certainly enjoyed the Dead Sea. Two memorable occasions. One at the Mosaico Restaurant buffet and the second at the front desk. At the restaurant, a gentleman came to the dinner table and asked if everything was okay. I replied it would be nice if there was some hot vegetables as opposed to the cold ones. He rectified it by later bringing me a huge bowl of freshly steamed vegetables. Nice. At the front desk the clerk took the time to call Renaissance in Egypt to give them all my contact information for my shuttle pickup.

3. Amman Marriott Hotel

Very nice. Upgraded to the Royal Suite. Awesome. Memorable because once again a front desk clerk telephoned the Renaissance to relay my contact information for the shuttle pickup.

4. Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel

This hotel I could have done without. Before leaving the USA I sent an email with my contact information for a shuttle pick up along with another email while in Jordan. Two Marriotts called and left my information. For a total of 4 times no one from the Renaissance bothered to contact me. I complained about the state of the first room assigned and asked to speak to the manager. The public relations officer was apologetic and did her best to mitigate the situation and obliged to move me to an Executive suite. I have to emphatically state the cleanliness of the bathrooms in both rooms leaves a lot to be desired. They were both gross. I later investigated the Executive Lounge. What a dirty and despicable place. No way would I ever entertain eating anything in there. Totally and abusively gross was the kitchen area. The sofas were thread bare. On the whole, the place needs renovation. Cleanilness is certainly not their forte.

I sincerely hope the above is taken into consideration and addressed accordingly .


S. Watt, MPA, MSN, RN

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