After putting gas in gas in my car in a small Exxon station in Waynesville – Rex Tillerson email address

Julie sent a message to Rex Tillerson Chairman, President, and CEO, Exxon Mobil Corporation – email address that said:

After putting gas in gas in my car in a small Exxon station in Waynesville, (on the way home from surgery at the Asheville VA) my car began to sputter, backfire, and die several times before I finally made it home to Sylva.

I BARELY made it up my driveway! Today I tried to start it several times, it almost started once, but it only spit out a big puff of white smoke! Your station was obviously full of old/bad gas and as a single mom and 100% disabled Veteran I can not afford the costly repairs your gas has definitely damaged my car.

I'm sure that you must be unaware of this shortcoming at this small station so Im sure that now I've brought it to your attention,you will make this right not only at your fuel point, but for me as well. Im aware that many are independently owned, but it is your fuel and your name at the end of the day that people see and trust...or not.

I have full trust in your ability to be part of the solution, not part of this problem (the fuel industry has enough problems in the public eye)

Thank you in advance for your quick resolution to this issue as time is of the essence for me not that my only transportation has been disabled, and thats not really an option when you're in poor health and live on a mountain.

I can be reached on my
land line
my cell

Thank You

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