Again im a father of five a cdl class b license holder with all my – David P Steiner email address

Aaron sent a message to David P. Steiner €“ President and Chief Executive Officer of Waste Management, Inc. Email Address that said:

Again im a father of five a cdl class b license holder with all my endorsement. I have a clean license no tickets or accidents. I have held my license over 20 years with twelve years city transit bus driving.With a recent stent driving concrete truck for 9 months roughly. After watching an episode today of undercover boss i was encouraged to reach out to you. I first must say i was really impressed with your company and would love to be a part of it.i have completed several applications with no luck yet i still see job postings in my area Norcross Ga. Now i may not have specific experience in waste management but im willing to learn and i adapt quick.Im a military veteran served in desert storm and shield and there is no task to great for me to achieve. Now with that being said i made a huge mistake of accidently driving up to New York where my family lives with my legally owned firearm. During a traffic stop it was discovered which I forgot to leave in Ga i was charged with unlawful possession which is a felony.i served no jail time ive never been to prison.Im asking for a chance sir i believe i would be a great addition to your waste management family! I give a 100% to all task assigned and looking for a job to retire at and i know in my heart waste management is it! I'm only asking for a shot and im willing to start from the bottom and work my way up.Yes i have made mistakes in my life nobody is perfect but im trying hard to be a role model to my children and assure them to never give up and all odds can be overcome starting with me.I know you're a busy man so i first want to say thank you for your time and God willing i will get a chance to become a member of your team! Sincerely Mr Aaron

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