Ahi Mr. Kelly. I am writing you on behalf of my aunt, Mary Forrer. Mary – Kelly S King email address

Joann sent a message to Kelly S. King – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BBT Corporation – Email Address that said:

Ahi Mr. Kelly.
I am writing you on behalf of my aunt, Mary. Mary is a longtime customer, who has suffered a great deal over the last 6 years. She is a widow and has had some strokes. BBT hold the mortgage on her property.
Since Mary's stroke, she has a hard time writing and comprehending, so I have been trying to work with your organization to see if she is eligible for a loan modification. Mary lives in Virginia, and I live in California, so it is really difficult working through this process. Sorry for the long introduction of who we are before I get into my concerns that I want to report.
We provided all the necessary documentation to the loss mitigation department. That dept sent a few additional requests, so Mary has responded to each one. Each time I go to follow up, they ask for something else and keep kicking the can down the road, so her paperwork is nOt making it to the department that makes the decisions. She has sent in several pay stubs for a job that she makes 100 bucks a month. They want additional stubs. Really? How many does she have to send? If she doesn't get everything to them by the beginning of June, she is being told the file will be closed. I have tried calling to speak with management to see what the problem is, and I have had no succes reaching management, so that is why I am writing to you. We are just trying to find out if she qualifies for any modification, and we can't even make it through th process.
How can I speak with a manager that can assist? Mary,s loan number
Thank you.

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