Dear CEO, I am called Galilée, of Rwanda, in Eastern Africa. I was born on 6th January, – Giorgio Armani email address

Galilée sent a message to Giorgio Armani – Founder of Armani email address that said:

Dear CEO, I am called Galilée, of Rwanda, in Eastern Africa. I was born on 6th January, 1998, and I am now 19 years old. I am a soccer player of a 2nd division team of football, positions 7 and 11, in my Country, Rwanda.

I also finished my secondary studies, combination of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, in last November 2016.

Dear Sir, as I am talented in football game, and in favorable progress, I have been invited to participate to a tryout organized by an Italian football Academy of Perugia, through its Italian Talent Identification Program, tryout which will be held in next June 2017, and a coaching of 9 months beginning in next September 2017, as you can see in my invitation letter at the end of this message.

Dear CEO, I write to you for requesting a sponsorship allowing me to participate to this tryout, and coaching , and in this way, you would help me to evolve my football career, and thanks to you, I would become an important soccer player, efficient for myself, my family, and the society.

I thank you so much, Dear Chief Executive Officer, for your good feed-back to my request, and may God bless you.

I wish you a happy new year 2017.

Sincerely yours.


NOTE: My Invitation is below:

Dear Galilée

Thank you to contact our Academy.

We are organizing the official Tryout from June 19th to 24th 2016 here in Perugia (Italy).

The event is primarily organized on behalf of the aforementioned but many more Clubs will attend, covering nearly all Italian professional (Serie A, Serie B, C1, C2) and semi-professional (Serie D, Eccellenza, Promozione), foreign Leagues.
In the morning all players train with the Italian coaches and in the afternoon will take place showcase matches.

During the week each player has the possibility to play from 3 to 4 matches under the observation of professional coaches and scouts.

Registration fee will be of 700 euro, to cover the followings expenses:
- Rome Airport pick-up
- Full board accommodation
- 2 complete training kits
- Insurance coverage
- Transports
- 3 hours/day trainings or matches
- technical report certificate of attendance

The documents requested for the registration:
- Application Form
- Medical Certificate
- Copy of passport
- Receipt of payment

Instead, the 2016/2017 year-long Talent Identification Program is going to start next September and will last until June of the following year.

The course represents a unique opportunity given to young athletes from all around the world dreaming to make soccer a professional career.

This Program is first of all based on the registration and attendance to a local High School  able to provide all our students with full board accommodation further to 5 hours/day (6 days/week) morning classes based on the following subjects: . In addition, thanks to a special agreement with the School, our students take about 7 hours/week extra Italian language classes in order to help them to understand better the other subjects.

Regarding the High School, all the lessons are taught in Italian and the fact that he had a 2 months course of Italian language will help him a lot.

Actually, the teachers are trying to make a Personalized Education Plan at the beginning of the school year in order to facilitate the attendance of all the subjects.

If you are older, the Program is first of all based on the registration and attendance to a local University for Foreigners able to provide all our students with 4 times a week morning Italian language classes plus lodging.

The only course students can take is of Italian language because for those students interested to attend a standard University (law, economy, medicine, etc..) the Italian law requires the students to have a basic knowledge of the language (to be proved at the Italian Embassy once the student Visa application has been submitted).

In regards to the soccer part of the program and all details of its technical training program as well as many other information please pay a visit here:

Aware of the sometimes very young age of the students/players the ISM Academy experienced staff is able to assist and supervise them in any kind of need, both day and night.

Regarding the financial part of the program, the fee for the 9 months course is 15.840,00 euro, to be paid by 3 installments, but having already began the program the fee from January to June is 10.560 euro.

The fee includes accommodation, the High School or University fee, local transportation, sport medical examination, sport accident insurance and a complete training kit. Flight ticket isn't included (meals are included only for High School students).

I hope the info was helpful and look forward to hearing you back.

Best regards

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