@airbus – Tom Enders – Dear Sirs, There is no criticism of the EU representatives, or their conduct. In fact

legally priviliged sent a message to Tom Enders that said:

Dear Sirs,
There is no criticism of the EU representatives, or their conduct. In fact, on behalf of right minded citizens of the UK, I would like to apologise for the conduct of the individuals concerned in 'Brexit'.
Firstly I would like to bring to your attention that Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union (TEU) is incompatible with Article 3(2) of the Treaty on European Union (TEU); Articles 4(2)(a), 20, 26 and 45-48 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). Directive 2004/38/EC on the right of citizens of the Union and their family members to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States; Regulation (EU) No 492/2011 on freedom of movement for workers within the Union; Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 on the coordination of social security systems and its implementing Regulation (EC) No 987/2009.
Therefore, I have to put you on notice that I shall share this information with people who are in the process of launching actions against the UK and the EU. I apologise, but for the reasons set out below, this process has been an attack on the democracy of the UK and I do have a concern that National Security of the UK is at risk.
Further, the threat to businesses and services throughout the EU is a significant concern and these are also, arguably, protected under EU law.
I hereby invite the European Council and the UK to mutually agree to extend time for withdrawal to December 2020 due to extenuating circumstances, namely the issue of national security/security of the EU (see below).
Considering the disarray of the UK government and the Conservative Party, I would call upon them to call an election. They are only in power because of their deal with the DUP. There is a growing number of UK citizens demanding a GE, and demanding a People's Vote. We have lost all faith in the UK government as they appear to be acting in their own interests, contrary to their duties to the UK.
Brexit was designed to split the UK, weaken the EU, and it is working in the UK; people and political parties are split.
I apologise to the European Council, because a well prepared government with sufficient talent to advise on the issues, would not have acted in the way the UK has. It is clear that some of the people are acting on their own ideologies, that are incompatible with the EU and UK law.
Apart from the incompatibility cited above, the UK and the EU have no right to remove the rights of 500m citizens (as all 500m citizens have the right to move freely, even if they would not physically do so), or unilaterally remove the rights of the UK citizens in the EU* or the EU citizens in the UK. * expats outside the UK for 15 years+ were promised by the conservative government that they would have a right to vote for life, then told they could not vote on the EU Referendum (when it was highly likely to affect their lives directly).
(1) The leave campaigns tainted the EU Referendum with illegality and it should be rendered void. It appears that the only reason it has not been declared void is that key players who are acting in self interest rather than interest of the UK, have been using it as a bargaining tactic. That is an affront to democracy and I am aware that it will be addressed by legal action.
(2) The UK government has persisted in referring to the will of the people, when they are aware the leave campaign was negative, littered with lies, and partly based on discrimination. They are also aware now that there was a conspiracy to ensure a leave vote, whether that was linked to financial gain needs to be investigated. Since the EU Referendum, race hate crimes have increased in a staggering amount, which is exactly what the key people behind this desire. I am aware this will be addressed by social action.
(3) The FBI concluded in 2016 that Russia had interfered with the USA, and it was suspected by Theresa May that the UK had suffered due to cyber interference. it is apparent to anyone observing the situation that Russia is linked to Donald Trump and there are UK based people linked to one or both. That is a national security issue, particularly considering that Putin wants to see the EU break up. This has to be handled carefully, but it must be handled. The activity (Fraud? Money laundering? Shorting the Pound? Inciting Racial Hatred?) behind the EU referendum and the involvement of Russia requires a full independent, efficient enquiry. For security reasons, it would be best handled outside the UK.
(4) The references which are based on race were and are discriminatory. But factually, they were inherently incorrect. Immigration improves GDP and is a benefit overall, even if in the short term there is a pressure on services. That minimum period is, in comparison to the advantages, insignificant. LSE research proves that the UK was wrong on what it was bleating about race. In fact, having reviewed Theresa May's letter, most of it is not based on fact, but emotive nonsense. The UK is suffering because of the way in which the UK government is managing the country. It is the worst government in history.
(5) The UK has intentionally created a hostile environment for people that are not white British. This can be seen by Windrush, and I have no doubt given half a chance, there are certain people in the UK government who will continue to act in this discriminatory way. Protection of UK and EU citizens cannot be guaranteed by this government, they need to be enshrined into intentional law, or the existing law adhered to.

I ask you to consider the above and open dialogue on this basis, and please protect the democracy of the UK and the EU.

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