@airtelnews – Sunil Mittal – 1 My number got deactivated for non-usage on 23rd August. I have a grace period

Paul George sent a message to Sunil Mittal that said:

1 My number got deactivated for non-usage on 23rd August. I have a grace period of 15 days to retain the number.

2 As I am not in India, AIRTEL team informed that it can be moved to my friend’s name (Binish) and the number can be retained that way which I accepted. This was communicated on 29th August

3 AIRTEL deactivated my number on 30th August before 15 days grace period in order to assign the number to Binish.

4 Deactivation was done on 30th August and Binish was asked to visit the store on 31st August to get the new SIM and complete the registration process so that my number will be cloned to that new SIM.

5 Store Manager (100 feet Indranagar, Bangalore) informed on 30th August that they can’t do it from system as it is released to Kerala circle.

6 My wife who is in Kerala went to Idea – Kerala, BSNL – Kerala from where this number was ported from and they informed the number is not listing in the system and its with Airtel.

7 After 2 days got response from Airtel that they will do the necessary from backend and do the needful

8 Binish was informed that it is done and he can go the store to complete the process.

9 Again he visited the store and got the same response from the Store Manager that he cant to anything.

10 AIRTEL again came back after few days telling they have resolved it and Binish can walk in the store to complete

11 He did it today and got the same response for the 3rd time from the Store manager.This was his 3rd visit to the store after hearing the wise words of Nodal and Social Media team

12 Again few hours back got a response from Nodal team that they are working on it and need 72 Hours more to forward the same to the concerned team. The next day on 13th August they again informed they need time till 17th of August.

- It’s 20 days that the circus is running

- I really feel bad for my friend who is given false information and who compromised his work and time listening to the false claims of the Nodal team and was made to go to store 3 times also giving wrong promises every time that this will be resolved in 24 hours every time and now its more that 7-8 times I am hearing from Airtel this will be resolved in 24 hrs and every time there is no resolution and they keep giving pushing days and give lame excuses

- Few days back the response which I got from nodal team is that the issue is forwarded to the concerned team.

What was the team doing for past 20 days? Making fool of me and my friend, testing patience and wasting time and more than that this is harassment to the core.

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