@airtelnews – Sunil Mittal – Dear Sir I write this email to bring to your notice the serious ground level

Harsh Patodia sent a message to Sunil Mittal that said:

Dear Sir

I write this email to bring to your notice the serious ground level issues (mis-leading of customers by Airtel executives) in Kolkata. I had applied for an Airtel Xstream Fiber connection online after obtaining generally good reviews about its performance. An Airtel representative by the name of Mr. Sudip (7001730328/9800138908) called me on Saturday (23rd May 2020) in the afternoon to fix up an appointment. The gentleman also repeatedly promised installation within 24 hours (by Sunday 24th May 2020 evening) when being asked about the same.

I paid Rs. 2828 vide txn ref no. 523908212, after being assured that the wiring etc. in my complex (Alcove Gloria Residence, Sreebhumi, Kolkata - 700048) is ready and installation will be easily done within 24 hours. I had no reason to not believe the executive at that time.

On Sunday, I unfortunately did not get any update from either Airtel or the gentleman who tricked me into getting the connection. My calls were unanswered.

On Monday (25th May 2020), the gentleman (Mr. Sudip) picked up my call in the morning and lied about "some technical issue" in the residential complex because of which they were unable to install the connection in my premises. I checked with other families in my complex and they confirmed they were not facing any issues with their respective connections. Thereafter, I tried calling the gentleman in the afternoon and the evening. None of my calls were getting answered and were being deliberately ignored.

It seems I have made a grave error of judgement in trusting Airtel (inspite of being an Airtel mobile user 9903639394 myself). No company can survive in the long run with such petty/lying staff who tarnish the image of the company.

There is absolutely no reason for me to believe that the connection will be installed anytime soon. I therefore urge you earnest intervention in this matter. Please get the installation done by Wednesday 27th May 2020 first half or issue a refund to me without any further delay. I cannot keep following up with the executives/Airtel for non-fulfillment of their commitments.

Harsh Patodia
ITC Limited
+91 9903639394

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