@airtelnews – Sunil Mittal – Dear sir, on 4th of july i had ordered my phone through airtel online store

VARUN KHANNA sent a message to Sunil Mittal that said:

Dear sir,
on 4th of july i had ordered my phone through airtel online store and they said it will be delivered within 4 to 6 working days and then 11th of july the delivery guy got the phone to me and he said there is some issue with your birth date from airtels side .. and they need to correct it and he took away the phone and from 11th of july till yesterday i wrote emails to airtel asking them to solve my issue but all they did was just called me and made fake promises like within 72 hours i you will get your phone and with in 24 hours you will get your handset but well nothing as such happened because after waiting for 15 days all they do is cancel my order and say we will refund your money to you... i have other responsibilities to handle too... i was told that you have to be present when the guy comes to deliver your handset so i coudnt even travel for work... when i got a call from airtel on a priority basis i also told them i cant just sit at home and wait for my device... i have my work and i need to travel but they told me that sir u will get your handset by the end of the day in 24 hours ...but then again i didn't get it and then finally yesterday i received a message saying its out for delivery but then after 10 mins i see that my order has been cancelled...and the funny part was the shipping details told me that he is out side my door at 3.11 am in the night and it was out for delivery ... seriously in the night ? now customer care people are telling me to re order the phone again ... what do you think after suffering and no one helping me with my device and new sim i will wait again ? i also have all the call recordings from everyone who called me from airtel
7977816262 mobile number
my order id was 18070444357

now you tell me what would u do if u were at my place ?
re order the phone again from airtel ?
believe false promises that they made ?
or never use their service ?

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