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Vinay James Mathews sent a message to Sunil Mittal that said:

Hi SIr!
I am a 20 year old customer (primary no. 9810403565) with an average billing of Rs.1500/- & paying all my dues on time.
One of my secondary number 9871903565 which is more than 10 years old my wife uses has been disconnected for no reason. This is the third time it’s happened in spite of reminding, informing & communication to CC at least 20-25 times.
My wife is a doctor and a lot of her patients call on this no. if there is an emergency, which they will not be able to now. This is a matter of pain & agony to those patients who are trying to reach her. Who will be responsible if something goes wrong with them?

I am trying to get the following answers:
1. Why is my no. 9871903565 disconnected? And why is it that it has been done the 3rd time, in spite of regular & timely payments?
2. Do you think someone should be responsible for this loss & pain for not responding to a customer who has been with you for 20 years? If yes, who will that person be?
3. I have fought for 3 months with CC team and post that I am writing to you. What’s the guarantee that this will get addressed in the next 2 hrs?
4. Who will pay the damages for her business loss, reputation & patients suffering?

Kindly revert.


Vinay Mathews
Founder, Faircent.com

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