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Hello Ms. Brewer,
I am Kharyn Leigh (which is pronounced "Karen Lee"). I live in Woodstock, Georgia, and have shopped at store #17077 for years... as far back as when it was Rite Aid. I didn't like shopping at that store, for many important reasons; the initial tip-off were the two big old-style trash containers ("old style" meaning the kind that shows the garbage that's in it, from the bottom to the top---AND BEYOND); each placed right at the front entrance to the store; and as usual, both sorely needing to be emptied.
Sooo... why was I still shopping there? For two extremely important reasons: Pharmacist Manager Obi Agbo, and Pharmacist Joseph Scierka. What a really great team they were for the consumer!! I never took them for granted. I had two pharmacists who were VERY knowledgeable, and had customer service skills to match. (There was some sort of Rite Aid contest that had to do with employees, and I took the time to write a detailed letter about them---and could NOT get someone in charge to take it and enter it in that contest.)
One day I went there with prescriptions, and found that Obi no longer worked there. Simply gone. And it was obvious that no one was ever permitted to say where he'd gone. Joe is still working there, but he's being sent to work at various locations now. Many is the time that I wait for a number of days until he's at this location again.
Can't I talk to the "new" pharmacist---IF I could even get her on the 'phone? The pharmacist and the other employees are really cold fish. Honestly---COLD people. In all the time since Obi left, I have no idea what anyone's name is, apart from pharmacy employee Michelle---who has been working there from the "Obi/Joe" time and is just wonderful; she has always known how to treat a customer. Ms. Brewer, PLEASE call me. That store is a broken store---it's not only the pharmacy. (I can't even buy a Dr. Atkins 4-pack protein drink there--because they put a price of $9.50 (nine dollars and fifty cents!!!!), and that 4-pack sells for between $5.99 and $6.25 anywhere and everywhere else!! That's truly outrageous.)
Thank you very much for reading this tome! Sincerely,
Kharyn Leigh 678-780-6914

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